Peanut Farmer Spotlight: Josh Davis of Chipley, Florida

By June 25, 2018

Today’s Peanut Farmer Spotlight is Josh Davis of Chipley, Florida. Josh has been farming peanuts for 16 years and his favorite part of being a peanut farmer is picking them. When asked what his favorite way to eat peanuts was, Josh responded with “peanut butter straight out of the jar”. We asked Josh what has been the most challenging part of peanut farming, and he responded with “This year getting … Read More

Have You Tried Peanut Milk Yet?

By June 4, 2018

Have YOU gotten your hands on Elmhurst’s peanut milk yet? If not, you are missing out on a delicious substitution to dairy milk and other milked nut products! Here are some nutrition facts about the newest milked nut craze on the market: 🔸130 calories per every 8 oz 🔸11 grams of HEALTHY fat 🔸6 grams of carbs 🔸5 grams of sugar (cane sugar = natural sugar) 🔸6 grams of protein … Read More

New Summer 2018 Intern: Mikaela Davis

By May 30, 2018

Our new intern for the summer is Mikaela Davis from Graceville, Florida. Mikaela is a senior Global Business major at Troy University and is interning with us to learn about the business side of agriculture and to gain experience in the field. Mikaela is getting married in November to her fiancé, Ashby, and is graduating from Troy in December. Mikaela is looking forward to a great summer here at FPPA, … Read More