Have You Tried Peanut Milk Yet?

ByFPPA June 4, 2018

Have YOU gotten your hands on Elmhurst’s peanut milk yet? If not, you are missing out on a delicious substitution to dairy milk and other milked nut products! Here are some nutrition facts about the newest milked nut craze on the market:
🔸130 calories per every 8 oz
🔸11 grams of HEALTHY fat
🔸6 grams of carbs
🔸5 grams of sugar (cane sugar = natural sugar)
🔸6 grams of protein (compared to 1 gram of protein in almond milk)
Did you also know that the best way to select healthy groceries is to always read the ingredients and make sure you can pronounce each ingredient and know exactly what each ingredient is? Another fun fact: the ingredients on products are listed in order of greatest to least amount of each ingredient in the product. Check out the 5 ingredients in peanut milk:
🥜filtered water
🥜cane sugar
🥜natural flavors (product of roasting or compressing natural flavors from the peanuts)
Now that you are craving some peanut milk, here are some direct links to buy your new favorite milk ⬇