2017 Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production Proficiency Award Winner

ByFPPA August 9, 2017

Each year at the annual Florida FFA State Convention & Expo the Florida Peanut Producers Association sponsor the Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production proficiency award. This award is rewarded to a student that shows excellence through their Supervised Agricultural Experince (SAE) project. To qualify for this area, the student must own the enterprise, or work for a business that includes the best management practices available to efficiently produce and market crops for fiber and/or oil such as cotton, sisal, hemp, soybeans, sesame seed, flax, mustard, canola, castor beans, sunflower, peanuts, dill, spearmint and safflower. This years award winner was Tyler Voorhees of the Bronson FFA chapter.

Tyler Voorhees’ SAE project consists of working for Sandlin Farms out of Williston Florida; where he assits in the growing of 1700 acres of peanuts. Voorhees assits in all aspects of peanut production. All of the peanuts produced at Sandlin Farms are sold to Williston peanuts, where they will  be used to make peanut butter and roasted peanuts. Through his project, he has learned how to use several new pieces of farm equipment and how to properly maintain and service them. Voorhees says, “This can be beneficial later in life,  if I decide to go into the mechanical side of the industry. ” He is a member of the Bronson Senior FFA Chapter and his advisor is Marcia Smith.

Tyler also recently sent off his application to National FFA for judging and recieved a silver rank. Congratulations to Tyler, we hope you continue to rise above and exceed all expectations through your SAE project.